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S4 E15 – Reconnecting and Tapping Into Your Sacred Sexuality with Kim Coffin

Yes, we are going to tap into pleasure and reconnecting with our bodies. Let’s face it, when we hit midlife most of us put pleasure on the back burner. Our lives are either too busy, our spouse is just that person who lives with us or we just don’t care. Guest Kim Coffin is a Trauma Informed Somatic Empowerment & Sexuality Coach as well as a Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, Female Sexuality Coach, Tantric Sex Coach and Founder of Get Your Sexy Back! – and she wants us to RECONNECT with our bodies.

Kim believes that for too long women have been dis-empowered, dismissed and discouraged and it’s time for us to reclaim our unapologetic power! In this episode Lauren and Kim discuss; what sacred sexuality actually is, how it keeps us young, how  women can take their power back, how we can deepen our connection and heal deeply for better relationships (not just in the bedroom but life in general), 5 ways to grow younger, how our body always keeps score and the one change we need to make today.


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S4 E14- It’s Never Too Late! Personal & Professional Reboots in Midlife with Nancy Shenker

Rules? What Rules? Don’t you love women who live life the way they want to live it? Nancy A Shenker is a women of all trades and a rule-breaker! She has had many fascinating careers (marketing, branding, C-level executive, author, speaker and entrepreneur) and isn’t about to slow down now that she’s in the later part of midlife. She still works efficiently and has mastered working smarter, not harder. In fact she has coined the period of life she’s in “pre-tirement” and lives her life on her terms and is fulfilled doing so. She’s also really good at saying “no”.

Join Lauren and Nancy as they speak about; the trajectory of her career, how she came to become comfortable in her own skin and learning to trust her gut, how she embraces aging, the definition of “pre-tirement”, Nancy’s new blog series “Route 66”, Nancy’s philosophies about fashion, behaviors and working after 60, and the advice she gives to women in their 20’s and 30’s and for women 60 and beyond.

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S4 E13 Midlife Bites! You’re Not Alone If You Feel You’re Falling Apart With Jen Mann

Some days you think you’ve got this aging thing under control and others it brings you to your knees. It’s a roller coaster ride. Am I right? But knowing there are other women just like you makes it bearable. So does having a sense of humor about it. Author Jen Mann was motivated to write her hysterical book Midlife Bites: Anyone Else Falling Apart, Or Is It Just Me? after she had a midlife crisis that kicked her in the ass. She even started an active Facebook community where middle-age women can speak openly about their journey … because we are far from alone. Clearly.

In this episode, Jen and I discuss what inspired her to write the book, why she believes this generation of midlifers won’t age quietly, why she decided to be so candid about everything from sprouting hairs in unsuspecting places to scheduling sex with her husband, how and why she stepped out of her comfort zone, how she changed her perspective on the whole aging process, and so much more.

Midlife Bites: Anyone Else Falling Apart, Or Is It Just Me?, by Jen Mann

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S4 E12 Why You Should Just Choose To Be Really Freaking Happy!

Fake it till you make it…or actually believe it. Make the choice to change your attitude to be happy. Happiness Rainmaker, Women’s Advocate and Author Peggy Sullivan believes it’s as simple as that when she spreads happiness and positivity wherever she goes. In fact, she started the SheCAN! Network to empower women professionals to succeed by supporting each other.

Low self-confidence steals our joy. Happy, positive people live longer lives, have decreased anxiety, have higher productivity and attract positive people.

Join Lauren and Peggy as they talk about what we can do to put “happiness” on the front burner, why having good personal energy is so important, how happiness is both an art and a science, her “happiness tripod theory,” how we can make happiness actionable and the SheCAN! community she created.

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Happiness is Your Responsibility by Peggy Sullivan

S4 E11 – The Ticking Clock On TikTok Beauty Trends

You might think those quick-hitting beauty hacks on TikTok are for millennials, but women of a certain age fall for them too. Some are good and some are downright dangerous. How do you discern between the two? Join Lauren in this lively discussion on the dangers of TikTok beauty trends with Avoila founders, Kristy Hunston and Grace O’Sullivan.

In this episode they discuss; why these TikTok (and IG Reels) trends are so dangerous, why we need to trust our gut and better judgement, some of the worst offenders (like slugging, DIY face masks, DIY teeth whitening, sunscreen contouring, makeup microneedling and more), a couple trends that are actually worth your time and a bit about Avoila skincare which is organic, plant-based and actually good for your skin.

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S4 E10 Gut Microbiome: Clearing Up Confusion and Misconceptions

Last season I had Dr. Ben Johnson on the podcast to discuss the foods that cause skin imbalances and it took a shocking turn (listen to S3 E13 How Women Are Being Slowly Poisoned Unwittingly). So I knew I needed to have him back on. This time we are talking about gut microbiome because there is so much confusion around this hot topic.

Dr. Ben Johnson is the founder and formulator of Osmosis Beauty with the goal of changing the direction of skincare with a focus on dermal remodeling, barrier and DNA repair and detoxification. The line includes non-toxic professional skincare, healthy makeup and holistic wellness.

In this episode we discuss what exactly gut microbiome is and why it’s so important, what we need to know about gut health, what are some misconceptions about gut health, some of the lies we have been lead to believe about our gut health, if gut health is the culprit behind skin issues, the best ways to improve gut health and how to know if what we are doing is actually working.


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S4 E9 Stop With The Self-Sacrifice! It’s Time To Love Yourself More

Most women have been conditioned to believe that self-love is selfish and that self-sacrifice is a virtue. Therefore they do everything for everyone else and are disappointed when they don’t get back what they give and are left drained and exhausted. Entrepreneur, speaker and single mom Jenna Banks has set out to crush these myths about how we should relate to ourselves in her new book “I Love Me More: How To Find Happiness and Success Through Self-Love.”

I could not put this book down – highlighting and dog-earring many of the pages. It’s a book I feel every woman needs to read. Join me as I sit down to talk to Jenna about how to truly love ourselves. And by that she means loving yourself more than anyone else – more than your spouse, more than your kids, more than your family and more than your friends. Seems a bit narcissistic? It’s not! Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have.

In this episode we discuss what made Jenna write this book, how you can love yourself more than anyone else without seeming narcissistic, how a mother can put herself before her children (which can seem counter-intuitive), signs that you are lacking self-love, the difference between self-love and self-care, how we can start loving ourselves TODAY, how we turn off that inner critic and become our own cheerleaders and how to recognize and cut off an energy vampire.

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S4 E8 The Ugly Truth About Plastics and The Cosmetics Industry

A while ago, Good Housekeeping referenced a survey of 4,000 women revealing that the average woman owns an average of 40 makeup products. Think about it. All those lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliners, blushes, brushes, and powders are sitting in your makeup case. Perhaps we should be paying more attention to what toxins may be in our makeup rather that what items are in our makeup case.

Whether you are an avid recycler or not, plastics show up in your makeup more ways than you think – from tiny packaging pieces to microbeads. In fact, microplastics can introduce some serious health risks – even though we often can’t even see them. And, like from many other things we use, the plastic that’s in our beauty products often ends up in the environment. Thankfully, it is possible to look good without feeling bad.

Join Lauren as she talks to Sustainability Scientist Dr. Mark Falinksi about how to ensure we are keeping plastic out of what goes in and on our bodies. In this episode they discuss how and why the beauty industry sneaks plastics into skincare and makeup, how single-use plastic packaging contributes to climate change, the impact of ingesting plastic, what the beauty industry as a whole can do to clean up its act, what modifications we can make to ensure we do our part and be heard, and how to make more sustainable beauty choices.


The Finch extension helps consumers make wiser choices about products they are buying on Amazon. To date, Finch has rated over 250,000 products in 85 categories on 6 environmental footprints (below) and real reviews. Once installed, the extension lives in your chrome browser as a tab in the right side of the screen. When you browse a product on Amazon, click the tab and it will give you the sustainability score for the product (out of 10) and make recommendations for the best rated products in that product category.

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S4 E7 How To Rewrite Your Food Story and Unfu*k Your Relationship With Food

Are you ready to finally find peace with food and leave the past in the past? Our “food story” is that inner narrative about how and why we eat what we do. YOUR food story is a blend of how you were raised, the messages you received from influential people around you, the media and positive and painful memories associated with food since childhood. It’s really the perfect storm that impacts our health and happiness.

Join Lauren as she talks to certified eating psychology, health coach and author Elise Museles about changing that inner mean-girl dialogue in our heads once and for all. In this episode they discuss what a food story is, why so many women are so fed up when it comes to food and dieting, how we can change our mindset and beliefs when it comes to food, how to quiet the “noise” around food, how to use food to boost our mood and how we can make our kitchen a sanctuary instead of a place that causes panic.

Be sure to check out Elise’s book Food Story: Rewrite The Way You Eat, Think & Live which is a permission slip to love yourself, filled with practical tools and questions for reflection.

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S4 E6 Damn Tired? The Truth About Sleep Deprivation In Midlife With Dr. Shelby

You used to sleep straight through the night and now you are an insomniac who would kill for a good night’s sleep. Sound familiar? Join Lauren as she speaks with Dr. Shelby Harris (@SleepDocShelby) who is board certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine and treats a wide variety of sleep, anxiety and depression issues using evidence-based, non-medication treatments. In this episode they discuss why women in midlife develop sleep issues, why women tend to have more sleep problems then men, how sleep changes across the ages, what women should do to improve their sleep, how to know if you actually have a sleep disorder, when to see a specialist and how sleep benefits exercise, beauty and healthy aging.

Book: The Women’s Guide to Overcoming Insomnia: Get a Good Night’s Sleep Without Relying on Medication


Instagram: @SleepDocShelby