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S6 E10 How Your Nutrition Affects Your Skin With Dr. Ariel Ostad

There was a time when doctors only treated problems. Now many are seeing the benefits of being proactive on the forefront as preventative measures. Lifestyle changes, even small ones, can help keep your skin healthy. This includes not only what we consume but how we think, sleep and do physical activity. Why not take control of the aspects of aging that are in our control?

Guest Dr. Ariel Ostad is a trusted and leading board-certified dermatologist, facial cosmetic surgeon and dermatologic surgeon. He is known for his “less is more” philosophy and personalized service at his practice in New York City. Even though they don’t train dermatologists nutrition and lifestyle changes in medical school, Dr. Ostad is a firm believer that they play a significant role on how we age.

Join Lauren and Dr. Ostad as they examine: how our food intake and nutrition affects our skin; what particular foods are the worst for our skin; how and what we should be eating to help our skin thrive; how negative emotions and chronic stress can take a toll on our skin; which non-evasive skincare treatments are beneficial for women in midlife and the differences between them; his new neck refining treatment and why it is so important for women to take care of their necks; and so much more!

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Neck Refining Treatment:

S6 E9 Getting To The Heart Of Women’s Heart Matters With Dr. Elizabeth Klodas

After a bit of a much needed summer break…we are back! And what better way to dive back into women’s health issues than talking about women’s heart health in midlife? The truth is, heart issues can present themselves differently for women than they do in men so it’s important to know and recognize the signs and of course take preventative measures wherever we can.

Guest Dr. Elizabeth Klodas is a board-certified Cardiologist, author, speaker and founder of the Preventative Cardiology Clinic near Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is also the founder and Chief Medical Officer for Step One Foods which are a line of food products (like snack bars) clinically formulated to block cholesterol absorption and reabsorption in the digestive system thereby improving cardiovascular health. She believes nutrition is the root cause of the problem of high cholesterol so she created a food as medicine alternative to our “pill for every ill” culture.

Join Lauren and Dr. Klodas as they have an in-depth discussion about: knowing where to begin when it comes to your heart health; what you can do to improve your heart health naturally (without pills); when we should really start taking our heart health seriously; how to improve our diet to help our heart; the motivation behind developing Step One Foods to help heart health and how the products work, how Step One Foods can be used for preventative measures and so much more!

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