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S7 E2 – What Fresh Hell Is This? Menopause and Your Skin With Helen Marray-Finlay

Did you know 50+ million women in the US and nearly 1 billion globally are expected to experience menopause by 2025? If you are a woman in midlife, you already know how much menopause can wreak havoc on many aspects of your life both physically and emotionally. But what does it do specifically to our skin? It goes beyond sagging and crepiness. It can affect your confidence. Luckily because this is now recognized as a booming sector, there are many new skincare products on and entering the market daily. But do they work?

Helen Marray-Finlay is a highly accomplished Hollywood makeup artist, skincare expert and menopause advocate with over 20 years of experience. Her portfolio includes blockbuster movies like Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and TV shows including Parks & Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Modern Family, Barry and The Goldbergs.

In 2020 Helen founded Finlay+Green, driven by her personal experience and frustration with the lack of effective options for menopausal women specifically tailored for their needs. In August of 2023 Finlay+Green launched their skin revitalizing moisturizer to address the unique needs of skin during the menopausal transition.

Please join Lauren and Helen as they discuss: what menopause does to our skin; why today’s youth are so afraid of aging; the ways menopause can affect our mental health and confidence; ways in which we feel good in our skin and remain body positive; what we can do for anti-aging prevention; makeup tips for midlife; and recommended resources for discussing menopause with loved ones.

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Show Notes:

Website: finlayandgreen.com

Instagram: @finlayandgreen

Instagram: @helenmarrayfinlay

Let’s Talk Menopause: letstalkmenopause.org