Monthly Archives: June 2021

S2 E15: My Face Is Falling and It Can’t Get Up

Is it time for a facelift and do you even want to go there? Join Lauren as she speaks to plastic surgeon Dr. Amir Karam about all the advances in facial plastic surgery, his new and improved “facial rejuvenation” procedure and if it’s right for you. He also touches on all the other non-surgical measures and if they really work and are worth the money. Keep the conversation going in my Facebook Group – Growing Younger.

S2 E14: It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here…

And you want to take off all your clothes. Seriously, hot flashes are not fun nor are they funny. Lauren talks with Dr. Lauren Streicher who is the founder and Medical Director of the Northwestern Medicine Center for Menopause and Northwestern Medicine Center for Sexual Medicine, all about hot flashes. They discuss why we get them, what they mean, how to stop them quickly, if they are harmful to your health long-term and why most doctors are completely clueless about menopause.