Monthly Archives: May 2021

S2 E13: Applying Makeup Like A Pro

As we get older the actual art of applying makeup can get a little harder. That doesn’t just mean what you apply, but keeping a steady hand AS you apply it. Join Lauren as she chats with makeup artist Terri Bryant who founded GUIDE BEAUTY – a line of quality makeup with special applicators – when she herself was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Hers is a story of perseverance and a new career path in midlife.

S2 E12: I Used To Sleep Like a Baby So Why Can’t I Sleep Now?

Menopausal insomnia is the worst, but you’re not alone! Join Lauren as she talks to Sleep Medicine & Neurologist and Medical Director at Aeroflow Sleep, Dr. Robert Yapundich about the importance of sleep as we age. Major hormonal, physical and psychological changes can wreak havoc on our sleep. We discuss why sleep suddenly alludes us, how much sleep we should be getting, what sleep disorders can do to our overall health and how to clean up our sleep hygiene.

S2 E11: Hair Color Trends For Women Over 40

Should you even follow trends when it comes to hair color in midlife? Join Lauren as she speaks with Hamid Latif, Salon Director and Color Director of Sassoon Salon NYC. They delve into finding the right color, if you should go lighter or darker when greys start to take over and even discuss if and when you should embrace your grey.