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S4 E14- It’s Never Too Late! Personal & Professional Reboots in Midlife with Nancy Shenker

Rules? What Rules? Don’t you love women who live life the way they want to live it? Nancy A Shenker is a women of all trades and a rule-breaker! She has had many fascinating careers (marketing, branding, C-level executive, author, speaker and entrepreneur) and isn’t about to slow down now that she’s in the later part of midlife. She still works efficiently and has mastered working smarter, not harder. In fact she has coined the period of life she’s in “pre-tirement” and lives her life on her terms and is fulfilled doing so. She’s also really good at saying “no”.

Join Lauren and Nancy as they speak about; the trajectory of her career, how she came to become comfortable in her own skin and learning to trust her gut, how she embraces aging, the definition of “pre-tirement”, Nancy’s new blog series “Route 66”, Nancy’s philosophies about fashion, behaviors and working after 60, and the advice she gives to women in their 20’s and 30’s and for women 60 and beyond.

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