Monthly Archives: February 2021

S2 E4: What Women Need to Know About Heart Disease

February is Heart Health Month and you might be surprised to learn that women are more likely to die from a heart attack then men. Our symptoms are very different and often go undetected. Join Lauren as she speaks to Dr. Felice Gersh, an award-winning OB/GYN specializing in all aspects of women’s health. Find out why our chances of heart disease increase dramatically in middle age and what we can do to prevent it, starting today!

S2 E3: Why The Hell Do I Need Sunscreen Anyway?

I get it. You baked in our youth, now you’re wondering if it’s really necessary to wear sunscreen every day. Join Lauren as she chats with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Ellen Gendler about the misconceptions we have been lead to believe about sunscreens. We even discuss which brands you should be using…and ones you should be avoiding.

S2 E2: The Real Skinny on Weight Loss in Menopause

Feeling like you just keep gaining weight and can’t get it off now that you’re in menopause? You are far from alone. Join Lauren as she speaks to personal trainer and nutrition coach Kim Schlag. Kim is a sought-after expert because she has helped women all over the world transform their bodies through proper nutrition and strength training. I promise her methods are easy and sustainable.