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S5 E13 How Skin Icing Can Give You Back That Youthful Glow with Alina Mehrle

If you’ve seen those TikTok’s or videos with people jumping in snow in swimsuits or taking ice cold baths, they aren’t necessarily crazy. There is actually something to it. While you might not be game for either, you might seriously consider cryotherapy (skin icing) facial treatments. Before you grab an ice cube from the freezer, listen to this episode where Lauren interviews Alina Merhrle, founder of the innovative skincare company, AMEŌN .

Alina has pioneered a cutting edge 3-step cyroritual with five core products activated by Frozen Essence to awaken and unveil youthful, dewy, glowing and clear skin. Alina shares her fascinating backstory and how she came to create AMEŌN out of necessity. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 30 and after going through 8 rounds of chemotherapy her skin was left dehydrated and fragile. She spent 2 years developing these formulas that have healing benefits as well as making skin glow.

Join Lauren and Alina as they talk about Alina’s background and why she wanted to start AMEŌN , the challenges she has had to overcome, how being a cancer survivor has impacted her life today, the ice cult movement, how cyrotherapy is an affordable luxury, how we can turn our skin around in midlife and what a “Signature Sculpting Facial” is and how it is beneficial.

Show Notes