Monthly Archives: April 2021

S2 E10: Fueling Midlife, The Healthy Way!

You think you are doing all the right things when it comes to the way you eat, so why do you feel sluggish and bloated? Join Lauren as she talks to Functional Nutritionist Risa Groux about the biggest mistakes most women make in midlife when it comes to food. Risa will also share the 3 things you must be eating to age well and the 4 things you need to stop eating NOW!

S2 E9: Taking Control Again When You’re a Foodie

Author Teri Turner chats with Lauren about her best-selling cookbook No Crumbs Left, shares some tips and tricks that make you a better cook and why she has taken control again and made this her “year of health.” She will truly inspire you to get in the kitchen and get cooking healthy, delicious food.

S2 E8: Can Supplements Really Help You Age Later?

All of your friends are taking them, but are supplements really that important? Can they really help you age better? Join Lauren as she talks with Dr. Marc Ronert creator of Hush & Hush supplements. They explore how supplements are just as important if not more so as the products you apply to your skin in helping you live younger longer.