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S5 E6 – How To Feed Your Skin For Radiant Aging With Dr. Mark Tager

You can apply all the serums you like, but if you’re not feeding your skin with the proper nutrition and supplements, your skin is not going to age well. Join Lauren and Mark Tager, MD, CEO of San Diego-based ChangeWell Inc. and author of “Feed Your Skin Right: Your Personalized Nutrition Plan for Radiant Beauty” as they deep dive on foods and supplements that help create glowing skin.

Here is some of what is discussed: clearing the confusion about supplements when it comes to glowing skin; why you need supplements even if you have great skin; how to assess the quality of the supplements you’re taking; what to eat for glowing skin; and if taking extreme measures like cutting out gluten really helps our skin.

Link to Feed Your Skin Right: Your Personalized Nutrition Plan for Radiant Beauty

Instagram: @drmtager

S5 E5 Why Drinking Enough Water Is The Key To Healthy Aging With Dr. Kelly Halderman

Most of us swear we are going to start drinking more water, but do we really? As we age, our bodies are more vulnerable to dehydration and it often goes unnoticed in older individuals due to a diminished sense of thirst. Proper hydration for healthy aging and function is essential. Yet most of us are dehydrated.

Host Lauren Dimet Waters talks with Dr. Kelly Halderman, Chief Health Officer Of Weo – a conscientious health tech company that’s revolutionizing the way the world drinks water. Kelly addresses the role hydration plays in aging; the damaging effects dehydration has on the body; how your hydration needs change as you age; how much water you should be drinking in midlife; how to tell if you are dehydrated and how you can detect dehydration in older individuals like your parents.

Recent News on Hydration & Aging

Healthline: As You Get Older, You Need To Drink More Waters, Here’s Why

Better Health While Aging: How To Prevent, Detect & Treat Dehydration is Aging Adults

Training Peaks: 3 Ways Your Hydration Status Changes As You Age


Quench by Dana Cohen, MD

S5 E4 How Women Manage & Mismanage Their Own Healthcare with Susan Salenger

Women are typically the medical gatekeepers for their families yet, are commonly not as diligent with their OWN health. Guest author Susan Salenger wrote the book “Sidelined, How Women Manage & Mismanage Their Health” to change our internal conversation and make ourselves a priority. You can’t be there for your family if you are sick or not feeling well. Over 80% of patients lie to their doctors and women lie more than men. That can lead to inaccurate and possibly detrimental diagnosis and treatments. And what’s even more disturbing is that too many women don’t follow their doctor’s recommendations.

Join Lauren and Susan as they examine: why she wrote her book, why its so important and how it’s different from other books, why we don’t listen to our guts or do the same due diligence for ourselves that we do for our loved ones, how not “seeming rude” to our doctors outweighs telling them what’s really going on, the most common hurdles women need to overcome to improve their healthcare, how women should speak to their doctors, how to find the most competent doctors and advocate for yourself and tips for women who want to better manage their health and decision-making capabilities.

Book: Sidelined: How Women Manage & Mismanage Their Health, by Susan Salenger


Instagram: @susansalenger

S5 E3 How To Rebuild Confidence In Midlife With Jane Hanson

For many women as they enter midlife their confidence takes a hit (or several hits) which can lead to a downward spiral in many aspects of their lives. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Guest Jane Hanson is an expert at not letting age define you. She spent over three decades as a high profile news anchor and correspondent in New York on “Today New York” and “Jane’s New York.” She has won 9 Emmy Awards and various community awards and doesn’t dwell on her past. She’s a prime example of moving forward and being committed to being purposeful. She now trains people how to communicate better on the job and in life.

Join Lauren and Jane as they spiritedly discuss: how we can all feel confident as we age; how to find your purpose (which can be ever changing); how contributing to others helps you feel confident and capable; Jane’s values and fundamental beliefs and how you can transform a challenging experience into a positive lesson and opportunity for growth; and how you have to have a good attitude.

Instagram: janehansonofficial

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S5 E2 What’s In Your Makeup Bag Could Be Bad For Your Health

That little makeup bag you keep in your handbag may be more dangerous that you realize. If you toss in makeup, beauty blenders, hair ties (and band-aids) and rarely remove anything, you are far from alone. But you could potentially be harming your health. Guest Hanieh Sigari who is a biochemist, entrepreneur and anti-aging industry disruptor explains how the bacteria that breeds in that bag can possibly lead to skin infections, blood poisoning and extreme cases, death. Yikes!

Join Lauren and Hanieh as they discuss: what in our makeup bags is causing the problem; how bacteria and mold grow in there and how to get rid of it; how to properly clean your beauty bag; what types of makeup can potentially be the most dangerous; how to figure out when your makeup and skincare expires (this will surprise you); what to toss out and if there a general rule of thumb; and what should be in a “good” makeup bag. Lauren even goes through her makeup bag and shares what’s hiding in there. They also discuss Hanieh’s holistic, personalized skincare brand Qyral (pronounced Ky-roll) and how it empowers women.




S5 E1 Leaving Your Mark and Changing Careers In Midlife with Aliza Licht

What are you really good at? That’s the question my guest Aliza Licht (pronounced Alee-za) asks people when she is mentoring them on developing their professional and personal brand. And guess what? It can change throughout your life.

Aliza Licht is the founder and president of multimedia brand LEAVE YOUR MARK. With over two decades in brand marketing, communications, and digital strategy in the fashion industry, she uses her expertise as an author, podcaster, and members-only community career coach to mentor people on how to shape and amplify their personal brands to drive success. Her book LEAVE YOUR MARK is ranked in the Book Authority’s “100 Best Career Development Books of All Time” every year. Aliza has been dubbed one of America’s “Next Top Mentors” by The New York TimesBusiness Insider’s Top 20 Most Innovative Career Coaches plus a ton of other accolades, but I have known Aliza for years back when she was DKNY PR GIRL working for Donna Karan.

Join us as we discuss: how Aliza helps women in their careers today; Aliza’s advice for women in midlife who want to switch careers and might think it’s too late; how to age with excitement; her Instagram where she offers actionable career advice while dispensing beauty tips; and how to nail your narrative. We also talk about beauty because she’s obsessed and has many great drugstore finds and then we just catch up, because it had been too long.

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Podcast: LEAVE YOUR MARK: Freshly Brewed Career Advice

Instagram: @alizalichtxo

Leave Your Mark Community:

S4 E15 – Reconnecting and Tapping Into Your Sacred Sexuality with Kim Coffin

Yes, we are going to tap into pleasure and reconnecting with our bodies. Let’s face it, when we hit midlife most of us put pleasure on the back burner. Our lives are either too busy, our spouse is just that person who lives with us or we just don’t care. Guest Kim Coffin is a Trauma Informed Somatic Empowerment & Sexuality Coach as well as a Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, Female Sexuality Coach, Tantric Sex Coach and Founder of Get Your Sexy Back! – and she wants us to RECONNECT with our bodies.

Kim believes that for too long women have been dis-empowered, dismissed and discouraged and it’s time for us to reclaim our unapologetic power! In this episode Lauren and Kim discuss; what sacred sexuality actually is, how it keeps us young, how  women can take their power back, how we can deepen our connection and heal deeply for better relationships (not just in the bedroom but life in general), 5 ways to grow younger, how our body always keeps score and the one change we need to make today.


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S4 E14- It’s Never Too Late! Personal & Professional Reboots in Midlife with Nancy Shenker

Rules? What Rules? Don’t you love women who live life the way they want to live it? Nancy A Shenker is a women of all trades and a rule-breaker! She has had many fascinating careers (marketing, branding, C-level executive, author, speaker and entrepreneur) and isn’t about to slow down now that she’s in the later part of midlife. She still works efficiently and has mastered working smarter, not harder. In fact she has coined the period of life she’s in “pre-tirement” and lives her life on her terms and is fulfilled doing so. She’s also really good at saying “no”.

Join Lauren and Nancy as they speak about; the trajectory of her career, how she came to become comfortable in her own skin and learning to trust her gut, how she embraces aging, the definition of “pre-tirement”, Nancy’s new blog series “Route 66”, Nancy’s philosophies about fashion, behaviors and working after 60, and the advice she gives to women in their 20’s and 30’s and for women 60 and beyond.

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S4 E13 Midlife Bites! You’re Not Alone If You Feel You’re Falling Apart With Jen Mann

Some days you think you’ve got this aging thing under control and others it brings you to your knees. It’s a roller coaster ride. Am I right? But knowing there are other women just like you makes it bearable. So does having a sense of humor about it. Author Jen Mann was motivated to write her hysterical book Midlife Bites: Anyone Else Falling Apart, Or Is It Just Me? after she had a midlife crisis that kicked her in the ass. She even started an active Facebook community where middle-age women can speak openly about their journey … because we are far from alone. Clearly.

In this episode, Jen and I discuss what inspired her to write the book, why she believes this generation of midlifers won’t age quietly, why she decided to be so candid about everything from sprouting hairs in unsuspecting places to scheduling sex with her husband, how and why she stepped out of her comfort zone, how she changed her perspective on the whole aging process, and so much more.

Midlife Bites: Anyone Else Falling Apart, Or Is It Just Me?, by Jen Mann

Midlife Bites Facebook Group

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Jen Mann No Pants Required Podcast

S4 E12 Why You Should Just Choose To Be Really Freaking Happy!

Fake it till you make it…or actually believe it. Make the choice to change your attitude to be happy. Happiness Rainmaker, Women’s Advocate and Author Peggy Sullivan believes it’s as simple as that when she spreads happiness and positivity wherever she goes. In fact, she started the SheCAN! Network to empower women professionals to succeed by supporting each other.

Low self-confidence steals our joy. Happy, positive people live longer lives, have decreased anxiety, have higher productivity and attract positive people.

Join Lauren and Peggy as they talk about what we can do to put “happiness” on the front burner, why having good personal energy is so important, how happiness is both an art and a science, her “happiness tripod theory,” how we can make happiness actionable and the SheCAN! community she created.

SheCAN! Network

Peggy Sullivan


Happiness is Your Responsibility by Peggy Sullivan