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S4 E11 – The Ticking Clock On TikTok Beauty Trends

You might think those quick-hitting beauty hacks on TikTok are for millennials, but women of a certain age fall for them too. Some are good and some are downright dangerous. How do you discern between the two? Join Lauren in this lively discussion on the dangers of TikTok beauty trends with Avoila founders, Kristy Hunston and Grace O’Sullivan.

In this episode they discuss; why these TikTok (and IG Reels) trends are so dangerous, why we need to trust our gut and better judgement, some of the worst offenders (like slugging, DIY face masks, DIY teeth whitening, sunscreen contouring, makeup microneedling and more), a couple trends that are actually worth your time and a bit about Avoila skincare which is organic, plant-based and actually good for your skin.

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S4 E10 Gut Microbiome: Clearing Up Confusion and Misconceptions

Last season I had Dr. Ben Johnson on the podcast to discuss the foods that cause skin imbalances and it took a shocking turn (listen to S3 E13 How Women Are Being Slowly Poisoned Unwittingly). So I knew I needed to have him back on. This time we are talking about gut microbiome because there is so much confusion around this hot topic.

Dr. Ben Johnson is the founder and formulator of Osmosis Beauty with the goal of changing the direction of skincare with a focus on dermal remodeling, barrier and DNA repair and detoxification. The line includes non-toxic professional skincare, healthy makeup and holistic wellness.

In this episode we discuss what exactly gut microbiome is and why it’s so important, what we need to know about gut health, what are some misconceptions about gut health, some of the lies we have been lead to believe about our gut health, if gut health is the culprit behind skin issues, the best ways to improve gut health and how to know if what we are doing is actually working.


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