Monthly Archives: July 2021

S3 E4: Is Pilates The Best Kept Secret To Aging Well?

Pilates is a must for inner balance, posture, alignment, strength and mobility…all of which are key to longevity. But is it really the natural Fountain Of Youth? Join Lauren as she talks with sought-after Pilates expert Alina Sedano, founder of The Core Collection by Prive, which provides on-demand classes. They will do the deep dive into Pilates and how it really can help menopausal women, prevent osteoporosis and even improve the quality of your sleep.



S3 E3 Beauty Myths That Make You Feel Old and Crappy

Do you feel the beauty industry is out to make you feel old and insecure now that you’re in midlife? You are far from alone. Guest Rachel Weingarten is a beauty historian, beauty expert, consultant and former celebrity makeup artist who has also written the book. “Hello Gorgeous! Beauty Products in America 40’s-60’s” and knows a thing or two about this subject. She and Lauren delve into some of the beauty myths we are lead to believe, how the past year has changed our attitudes towards beauty for the long-term, how we have been negatively impacted by celebrity culture, and so much more.

S3 E2: Good Golly Miss Molly (J)! Is CBD For You?

CBD is the Wild West so understanding it can be tricky and confusing. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, taking the right amount of quality CBD can actually be helpful for many of the symptoms of menopause. Join Lauren as she talks to Shaina Kerrigan, founder of Molly J small batch, CBD-infused confections all about the ins and outs of CBD. Topics include, the difference between CBD and THC, how to make sure what you are buying is quality, how to know what dosage to be taking and some life hacks involving CBD.

S3 E1: Debunking Beauty Myths With Chemist Confessions

If you don’t follow Chemist Confessions on Instagram you should. Former formulation chemists Victoria Fu and Gloria Lu also have a new book Skincare Decoded which is a must-read. Lauren talks to them about clean beauty (and if it’s really better), how to properly layer skincare products together, if the expensive products really worth the money and their strict no-no list.