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S7 E5 – Unveiling The AI Revolution In Plastic Surgery With Dr. Hani Sinno

Is plastic surgery the latest sector to be engulfed by the AI revolution, from the latest TikTok filters to other AI-generated images? TikTok boasts thousands of filters capable of altering eye color, rejuvenating appearance, or smoothing facial features, among others. These AI enhancements offer a glimpse into potential real-life changes through plastic surgery. But what ramifications will AI’s ultimate impact have on the field of plastic surgery?

Dr. Hani Sinno, an esteemed plastic and cosmetic surgeon located in Montreal, provides a transformative experience at his upscale clinic, Victoria Park Medispa. Influenced by his experiences witnessing the repercussions of war-related injuries, Dr. Sinno specializes in reconstructive surgery, with a focus on aiding breast cancer survivors. Renowned for his dedication to achieving natural-looking results and prioritizing patient-centered care, he has become a highly sought-after authority in procedures such as rhinoplasty and facelifts. With extensive training from McGill University and Harvard, Dr. Sinno’s blend of expertise and compassionate approach has consistently placed him among Canada’s leading plastic surgeons for over five years.

Please join Lauren and Dr. Sinno for a lively discussion about: how AI is transforming/influencing plastic surgery; is AI leading to body dysmorphia where people can no longer see the difference between real and fake?; how Dr. Sinno balances patient requests with what would work best for them aesthetically; if patients now have extreme requests from AI filters; the most current trends Dr. Sinno now sees in his practice; other ways in which social media and social media filters affect plastic surgery, and more.

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S7 E4 – Eat This (Not That) Skin Health Edition with Leigh Brandon

The skin is the body’s largest organ. It serves as a protective barrier between our internal organs and the outside world. Despite its vital role in maintaining our overall health and well-being, we tend to abuse it the most. And it’s not just sun, environmental aggressors and skincare that damage the skin either. It’s also what we are putting into our bodies that’s reflecting on the outside.

Leigh Brandon boasts over twenty years of expertise as a functional medicine practitioner and a renowned authority on skin health. His profound journey from grappling with severe cystic acne to emerging as a prominent advocate for holistic wellness is evident in his book titled “Eliminate Adult Acne for Good.” This comprehensive guide offers invaluable insights into enhancing skin health from the inside out, reflecting Brandon’s dedication to empowering individuals on their path to clear and radiant skin.

As an author, podcaster, and esteemed member of The CHEK Institute Faculty, Leigh Brandon disseminates his expertise worldwide, encouraging individuals to adopt an integrated approach to health and wellness. Through his various platforms, Leigh inspires audiences globally to prioritize holistic well-being and embark on a journey towards optimal health.

Join Lauren and Leigh as they engage in a discussion about: why a skin-friendly diet is not one-size-fits-all; what we should NOT be eating for optimal skin health; what we SHOULD be eating, why mindset is so important; Leigh’s own journey with skin health and how it effected him personally; the four main causes of adult acne and how to take steps today to improve your skin.

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