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S7 E1 – How AI Can Bridge The Gap Between Our Lifespan And Healthspan

According to the latest research, life expectancy has risen dramatically, increasing 26 years since the mid-20th century. However our healthspan (healthy years free of disease) has not followed suit. There is a significant gap between our lifespan and healthspan driven by the pandemic of chronic diseases afflicting a growing aging population.

The current overburdened and reactive health care system is compounding this lag in quality of life, where health risks linger for years and are detected late. The age-old quest for healthy longevity begins with predictive healthcare. And while AI may seem a bit scary to us GenXers, its potential could prove very helpful when it comes to analyzing biomarkers on healthspan and longevity.

Jim Kean CEO of Molecular You, is a pioneering senior tech executive with a focus on innovative, disruptive, consumer-oriented health and wellness digital experiences. The consistent theme: creating user delight, loyalty, and retention while fundamentally re-engineering the cost of delivery. He founded WellnessFx and played a significant role in online health communities as President of Sapient Health Network, which later merged with WebMD.

Join Lauren and Jim as they examine: how we can feel more at ease with AI; how AI can help with our healthcare; how IA is it being used right now; how AI can help bridge the gap between healthspan and longevity; how AI’s role is shifting from reactive healthcare to proactive healthcare; how Molecular You assess an individual’s distinct blood profile to anticipate potential health risks and catch chronic diseases early; how blood test results should be used; success stories using AI in healthcare and so much more.

If we are living to be centenarians, wouldn’t those extra years be better if we were to age well and not just age?

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S3 E15 Top Tips For Aging Well With Dr. Vonda Wright

The price of experience is aging. But double board certified orthopedic sports surgeon and internationally recognized authority on active aging and mobility, Dr. Vonda Wright wants to reframe aging, especially in our youth-worshiping culture. Join Lauren as she and Dr. Wright talk about what we can do to age better, how we can harness our own power to control 70% of our health and aging, the new pro-aging initiative she launched and her 3 top tips for aging well.