Monthly Archives: October 2021

S3 E14 – Help! Can Sun Damage and Hyperpigmentation Be Reversed?

If you baked in the sun in your youth you might now be suffering the consequences when it comes to brown spots. Or maybe you have skin discoloration from malasma or medications you are taking. Join Lauren as she speaks to Beauty Expert & Aesthetic Practitioner, Sharon Grasso, founder and owner of Permanent Touch Cosmetics about the best laser and light source treatments available today for skin discoloration. In this episode they discuss why brown spots begin to pop up as we age, what can be done about it and if any topicals really work. Learn the difference between BBL (Broad Band Light), IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), Fraxel and Moxi and find out which is best for long-lasting results.

S3 E13 How Women Are Being Slowly Poisoned Unwittingly

You are NOT going to want to miss this jaw-dropping episode. What started as wanting to delve into the foods that cause skin imbalances turned into an episode exposing how women are being slowly poisoned by the foods we eat and products we use. They can lead to devastating results. Join Lauren as she talks to Dr. Ben Johnson, creator of Osmosis Beauty, which offers disruptive skincare and holistic wellness products. If you follow him on social media, you will know Dr. Ben is on a crusade to blow the lid off of why we are getting sick and it all leads back to toxins in our food and water supplies, combined with our diets. And no, vegans are not safe either. In this episode you will learn what foods to avoid, the one source of vegan protein everyone is raving about but is really quite toxic, the foods you should be eating, and even the anti-aging topical products you need to stop using ASAP. There is so much more. You might want to grab a pen and take notes.

S3 E12 – Can A Microcurrent Device Really Wipe Away The Years? With Tera Peterson of NuFACE

Can you take skincare toning treatments into your own hands with noticeable results? Join Lauren as she chats with NuFACE Co-Founder, Tera Peterson. NuFACE is the leader in at-home Microcurrent Skincare offering a range of award-winning devices and skincare products. The FDA approved devices have garnered legions of fans who swear that microcurrent technology has helped them contour, tone and improve their deep lines and wrinkles. In this episode we examine how microcurrent works, if it’s safe, if it really helps us appear younger, how long it takes to see results and if it can replace spa treatments such as Botox, fillers, etc.

S3 E11 – Talking Natural Menopause Relief With Catherine Balsam-Schwaber

Looking for natural solutions for menopausal symptoms? Or maybe you are on HRT and are finding you need a little more. Join Lauren as she talks to Catherine Balsam-Schwaber, CEO of Kindra, an innovative self-care company for women in menopause. In this episode they cover how Kindra is different from other menopause solutions on the market, why it is finally time to normalize menopause, how natural solutions can help with symptoms (sleep, fatigue, brain fog, hot flashes and vaginal dryness) and how women can determine the best products for their needs.

S3 E10 – All About Naturally Serious Cleanly Made Skincare With Rochelle Jacobs

Clean beauty is all the rage, but is it really better? And more importantly, does it work well for our aging skin? Join Lauren as she speaks to Rochelle Jacobs who’s a co-founder of Naturally Serious Skincare, a line of effective, affordable skincare products that are not only good for the environment and 100% cruelty-free, but seriously good for your skin. Lauren and Rochelle discuss what makes this line so different, the cult favorites, and skincare secrets for anti-aging. Rochelle also dispels some widely held beauty myths and gives recommendations for repairing skin now that summer is over and we are headed into colder months.