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S5 E11 Why You Should Resolve to Go Damp and Not Dry In January with Georgia Foster

Millions of us do it every new year. We make resolutions like losing weight, getting in shape and/or going completely dry for the month of January. And then? We break them and feel like failures. Join Lauren and world-renowned hypnotherapist Georgia Foster as they talk about how much more successful a “damp” January is versus a “dry” one. She makes an excellent argument on the benefits of how to reduce alcohol consumption without giving it up entirely (which she says is not tenable for most people.)

In this podcast episode Lauren and Georgia talk about what a “Damp January” is and what it looks like, why people drink too much, our inner critic and how help silence it, what a “pleaser” drinking style is, what a “perfectionist” drinker style is, why willpower doesn’t work, how hypnosis can help, and tips for drinking less and shifting your emotional state.

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Book: Drink Less in 7 Days by Georgia Foster





S5 E10 – Are Your Skincare Products Really Helping Your Skin with Janna Ronert

Do you fully comprehend exactly what you are putting onto your skin? The active ingredients (those that help a specific problem) in skincare products are an important part of healthy aging when it comes to your skin. Yet, most of us don’t truly understand them properly, which leads to misuse and possibly doing more harm than good to our skin. Join host, Lauren Dimet Waters as she discusses this topic with Janna Ronert, the Founder and Chairwoman of the Board at IMAGE Skincare, a clean, clinical skincare brand found in many spas and professional skincare offices.

In this podcast episode they discuss: how brands can help their customers understand how to use a product effectively (especially those with active ingredients); the most commonly misused ingredients when it comes to anti-aging; the ingredients that should be avoided; which ingredients are Janna’s go-tos for anti-aging and why; the difference between sensitive skin and reactive skin; and how and why our skin changes as we age.

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Website: IMAGE Skincare

Instagram: @imageskincare


S5 E9 Should You Bundle Cosmetic Procedures With Dr. Richard Westreich

There is a current trend in plastic surgery called “bundling.” Many think doing more than one procedure in a single appointment will save time and money, but is it safe? Host, Lauren Dimet Waters gets to the bottom of bundling with top New York plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Westreich.

In this episode they discuss: what bundling actually means; why it’s such a hot trend; how to be aware of the dangers or red flags; what we should absolutely run from; how to do our due diligence; which procedures should and should not be done together; and so much more. You will be armed and ready with the information provided.

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Website: New Face NY

Instagram: @NewFaceNY