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S2 E3: Why The Hell Do I Need Sunscreen Anyway?

I get it. You baked in our youth, now you’re wondering if it’s really necessary to wear sunscreen every day. Join Lauren as she chats with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Ellen Gendler about the misconceptions we have been lead to believe about sunscreens. We even discuss which brands you should be using…and ones you should be avoiding.

S1 E3: Housewives Hysteria

Join Lauren of fountainof30.com and Melissa of Thestatenislandfamily.com as they discuss the Real Housewives franchise; are any of these women housewives?! Are they creating unrealistic standards of attainable youth when it comes to getting older? Do any of us REAL HOUSEWIVES believe that we should emulate these women of a certain age?

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