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S3 E10 – All About Naturally Serious Cleanly Made Skincare With Rochelle Jacobs

Clean beauty is all the rage, but is it really better? And more importantly, does it work well for our aging skin? Join Lauren as she speaks to Rochelle Jacobs who’s a co-founder of Naturally Serious Skincare, a line of effective, affordable skincare products that are not only good for the environment and 100% cruelty-free, but seriously good for your skin. Lauren and Rochelle discuss what makes this line so different, the cult favorites, and skincare secrets for anti-aging. Rochelle also dispels some widely held beauty myths and gives recommendations for repairing skin now that summer is over and we are headed into colder months.

S3 E1: Debunking Beauty Myths With Chemist Confessions

If you don’t follow Chemist Confessions on Instagram you should. Former formulation chemists Victoria Fu and Gloria Lu also have a new book Skincare Decoded which is a must-read. Lauren talks to them about clean beauty (and if it’s really better), how to properly layer skincare products together, if the expensive products really worth the money and their strict no-no list.