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S4 E12 Why You Should Just Choose To Be Really Freaking Happy!

Fake it till you make it…or actually believe it. Make the choice to change your attitude to be happy. Happiness Rainmaker, Women’s Advocate and Author Peggy Sullivan believes it’s as simple as that when she spreads happiness and positivity wherever she goes. In fact, she started the SheCAN! Network to empower women professionals to succeed by supporting each other.

Low self-confidence steals our joy. Happy, positive people live longer lives, have decreased anxiety, have higher productivity and attract positive people.

Join Lauren and Peggy as they talk about what we can do to put “happiness” on the front burner, why having good personal energy is so important, how happiness is both an art and a science, her “happiness tripod theory,” how we can make happiness actionable and the SheCAN! community she created.

SheCAN! Network

Peggy Sullivan


Happiness is Your Responsibility by Peggy Sullivan