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S6 E2 What To Do About Midlife Burnout with Dr. Haley Perlus

Women in midlife are burned out like never before. Mix being the sandwich generation (the meat between children and aging parents), menopause, slowly coming out of a pandemic, the economy, etc., mixed with generally not putting ourselves first and it’s a recipe for total and complete burnout. Something has to give. But what?

Dr. Haley Perlus knows what it takes to overcome barriers and achieve peak performance. She was an elite alpine ski racer who went on to get her PhD in sports psychology. Now she works with individuals and teams to mange and expand their energy capacity while increasing resilience, focus and drive. She is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, professor, author and consultant. She is also a midlife woman who knows a lot about the subject of midlife burnout.

Please join Lauren and Dr. Perlus as they talk about: what burnout is (and isn’t); why women seem extra burned out these days; the difference between burnout and depression; signs we are in burnout mode; what we can do to avoid burnout; what can happen if we ignore the warning signs and continue to burn the candle at both ends; if burnout is more prevalent in certain stages of life; what factors may increase midlife burnout; and if we burnout more easily as we age. It’s a fascinating and illuminating discussion.

Show Notes

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