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S5 E11 Why You Should Resolve to Go Damp and Not Dry In January with Georgia Foster

Millions of us do it every new year. We make resolutions like losing weight, getting in shape and/or going completely dry for the month of January. And then? We break them and feel like failures. Join Lauren and world-renowned hypnotherapist Georgia Foster as they talk about how much more successful a “damp” January is versus a “dry” one. She makes an excellent argument on the benefits of how to reduce alcohol consumption without giving it up entirely (which she says is not tenable for most people.)

In this podcast episode Lauren and Georgia talk about what a “Damp January” is and what it looks like, why people drink too much, our inner critic and how help silence it, what a “pleaser” drinking style is, what a “perfectionist” drinker style is, why willpower doesn’t work, how hypnosis can help, and tips for drinking less and shifting your emotional state.

Show Notes

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