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S7 E7 – How You Can Reduce Your Risk Of Dementia with Susan Saunders

Welcome to the 100th episode of Beauty is a Bitch!  It would seem dementia is on the rise, and that is a scary realization. The truth is, women have a greater risk of developing dementia during their lifetime. In fact, around twice as many women have Alzheimer’s disease – the most common type of dementia – compared to men. The main reason for this greater risk is because women live longer than men, and old age is the biggest risk factor for this disease. However, other factors also play a role.

Some of these risks can be mitigated, which begs the question, “What can we do for better brain health?”

Health coach Susan Saunders, specializes in helping women over 50 reduce dementia risk and optimize brain health through science-backed habits. She is the author of three books on healthy aging and longevity, with her most recent being The Power Decade: How to Thrive After Menopause.

Susan holds a high-level qualification as a dementia prevention coach under the guidance of neuroscientist Dr. Dale Bredesen, author of The End of Alzheimer’s. She was among the first in the UK to qualify as a coach in his program. Susan has successfully coached hundreds of people globally, helping them build habits scientifically proven to reduce dementia risk.

Please join Lauren and Susan as they dig deep into: the single most important thing we can do to look after our brains as we age; the six pillars of better brain health; why Susan started on this journey to better brain health; why we need to emphasize healthy habits to reduce our dementia risk; why more women than men get dementia; what happens to our brains during menopause; and what a coaching session looks like.

Show Notes

Book: The Power Decade: how to thrive after menopause

Website: Susan Saunders Health

Instagram: @susansuandershealth

Susan’s 12 tips for better brain health every day

S5 E5 Why Drinking Enough Water Is The Key To Healthy Aging With Dr. Kelly Halderman

Most of us swear we are going to start drinking more water, but do we really? As we age, our bodies are more vulnerable to dehydration and it often goes unnoticed in older individuals due to a diminished sense of thirst. Proper hydration for healthy aging and function is essential. Yet most of us are dehydrated.

Host Lauren Dimet Waters talks with Dr. Kelly Halderman, Chief Health Officer Of Weo – a conscientious health tech company that’s revolutionizing the way the world drinks water. Kelly addresses the role hydration plays in aging; the damaging effects dehydration has on the body; how your hydration needs change as you age; how much water you should be drinking in midlife; how to tell if you are dehydrated and how you can detect dehydration in older individuals like your parents.

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