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S4 E7 How To Rewrite Your Food Story and Unfu*k Your Relationship With Food

Are you ready to finally find peace with food and leave the past in the past? Our “food story” is that inner narrative about how and why we eat what we do. YOUR food story is a blend of how you were raised, the messages you received from influential people around you, the media and positive and painful memories associated with food since childhood. It’s really the perfect storm that impacts our health and happiness.

Join Lauren as she talks to certified eating psychology, health coach and author Elise Museles about changing that inner mean-girl dialogue in our heads once and for all. In this episode they discuss what a food story is, why so many women are so fed up when it comes to food and dieting, how we can change our mindset and beliefs when it comes to food, how to quiet the “noise” around food, how to use food to boost our mood and how we can make our kitchen a sanctuary instead of a place that causes panic.

Be sure to check out Elise’s book Food Story: Rewrite The Way You Eat, Think & Live which is a permission slip to love yourself, filled with practical tools and questions for reflection.

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