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S5 E15 – Cutting Through The Confusion About Menopause With Dr. Kelly Casperson

Yes, women are finally talking about perimenopause and menopause but with so much information (and misinformation) coming from every direction these days, it’s hard to decipher the truth from fiction. And social media only adds to the confusion. Dr. Kelly Casperson has become a trusted source on the subject.

Dr. Casperson is a urologic surgeon, author, sex educator and podcaster whose mission is empowering women to live their best lives. Yes she’s a sex educator but she is also extremely knowledgeable and vocal about the topic of menopause. She’s an engaging and humorous storyteller which makes her all the more approachable and relatable…like talking to a super smart girlfriend. Her podcast “You Are Not Broken” consistently ranks in the top 10 in the Apple “sexuality” category.

Join Lauren and Dr. Casperson for a lively discussion about: why there is so much confusion around the topics of perimenopause and menopause; what’s actually happening to our bodies when we go through menopause; Dr. Casperson’s thoughts on bioidentical vs. HRT when it comes to treatments; the real story about the link of HRT to breast cancer (hint: it has been debunked); when is the optimal time to start hormone replacement therapy and when it’s too late; other benefits of estrogen; is testosterone right for you; Dr. Casperson’s belief that the term “all-natural” is a weapon used against women to keep us in our place; the NYTimes article that has the experts cheering; and so much more.

Show Notes

Dr. Kelly Casperson kellycaspersonmd.com

Podcast: You Are Not Broken

Book: You Are Not Broken: Stop “Should-ing” All Over Your Sex Life

Instagram: instagram.com/kellycaspersonmd

NYTimes Women Have Benn Mislead About Menopause

Book mentioned by Dr. Casperson: Estrogen Matters: Why Taking Hormones in Menopause Can Improve Women’s Well-Being and Lengthen Their Lives — Without Raising the Risk of Breast Cancer

Podcast Dr. Casperson recommends: Health By Heather Hirsch