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S6 E8 Wen Your Hair Changes In Midlife With Chaz Dean

There you are going through life with gorgeous, healthy, thick hair when one day (probably in midlife) you notice it has changed. Many women in midlife experience hair thinning and receding hairlines, yet we really only hear about these issues for men. If you are experiencing hair loss/thinning you are far from alone. But what can you do about it?

Guest Chaz Dean, Celebrity Hairstylist, has been cutting and coloring hair his entire adult life and has revolutionized how people care for their hair. He created WEN Hair & Body (his line of hair care and beauty products) based on the belief that you can get better quality hair by replacing the harsh chemicals and detergents in most other products with natural botanical ingredients to nourish and attain healthy hair and scalp. Chaz expanded his vision internationally through QVC and Guthy-Renker.

Join Lauren and Chaz as they talk all about: the #1 complaint he hears from midlife clients, tips for thinning hair, recommendations for women with long hair and short hair to make it look fuller, what products and tools to avoid if your hair is thinner, his philosophy to his holistic approach to haircare, products Chaz recommends for thinning hair and so much more. He even has a special offer for the month of July!

Show Notes:

Website: https://chazdean.com

Instagram: @wenbychazdean