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S4 E11 – The Ticking Clock On TikTok Beauty Trends

You might think those quick-hitting beauty hacks on TikTok are for millennials, but women of a certain age fall for them too. Some are good and some are downright dangerous. How do you discern between the two? Join Lauren in this lively discussion on the dangers of TikTok beauty trends with Avoila founders, Kristy Hunston and Grace O’Sullivan.

In this episode they discuss; why these TikTok (and IG Reels) trends are so dangerous, why we need to trust our gut and better judgement, some of the worst offenders (like slugging, DIY face masks, DIY teeth whitening, sunscreen contouring, makeup microneedling and more), a couple trends that are actually worth your time and a bit about Avoila skincare which is organic, plant-based and actually good for your skin.

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