S6 E6 Clearing Up The Confusion About Your Gut Health With Bonnie Wisener

Gut health is hot topic right now and all the information coming at us is terribly confusing, especially if you don’t have a medical degree. One of the reasons it’s top-of-mind and has become a trendy topic is because women in perimenopause or menopause experience more unhealthy gut symptoms (constipation, gas, bloating and heartburn). But the truth is, emerging research is defining that there is a connection between gut health and overall health. So a basic understanding of gut health could just be the key to prevention and longevity.

Guest Bonnie Wisener is a nutritionist and well-known digestive health expert. She is also the creator of the Shift Your Gut Therapy Method and has helped hundreds of people all over the world get to the bottom of their chronic digestive issues so they can live active lives without the discomfort, embarrassment and persistent symptoms of disease and illness by addressing the root cause.

Join Lauren and Bonnie as they talk about: what gut health really is, the basics we need to know, why guy health is important as we age, the signs you have bad gut health, the signs of a healthy gut, the foods that will help the gut heal, the mistakes people with gut issues commonly make, what they should do instead, foods to prevent poor gut health, and the top 3 things we can be doing to improve our gut health starting today.

“The magic is in the small steps you take every day.”

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